How do I add events to my website?

Please note, this guide only applies to websites that have our events module installed.

If you’re interested in having this system installed on your website, please contact us.


To add events:

  1. Login to your website editor.
  2. Go to “Events” on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click on “Add New“.
  4. Type in your event title into the box at the top (it’s best to keep this short).
  5. Add a description of the event into the large box. (See our guides on adding links and images).
  6. Next, you can add a location associated with your event. If you do this, your website will automatically generate a Google Map:
  7. If your event does not have a location, click the checkbox that says “This event does not have a physical location.
  8. If a booking facility is installed on your website, you’ll see a checkbox to enable registration for this event (and see our separate guide on managing tickets and bookings).
  9. At the top-right of the editing screen, add the event date and times as applicable:
  10. If we’ve given you any instructions about event categories, tags, or featured images, you may see other options listed in this column.
  11. Click “Publish“.
  12. Your event will now display in your events index automatically.


To edit published events:

By default, the events index in the website editor (back-end) only displays “Future events”.

To see past (archived) events, use the drop-down menu, then click “Filter”:


Managing event bookings:

If you have our booking system installed on your website, please see our separate guide on managing event bookings.



On some websites, the events module will save locations you’ve added, so you can re-use the same locations repeatedly (without having to type in the same details again).

If your website has this facility enabled, go to the “Events” and then “Locations” in your website editor menu.


Location map:

If you’ve asked us to display a locations map on your website, it’ll look similar to this:

Note, as locations are added, this map will automatically expand to cover the appropriate region. For example, if all your events are in the county of Essex, the map will focus onto this area, rather than showing the whole of the UK.


If you have any questions about using our events management software, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

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