How do I manage the sidebars on my website?

Please note: this only applies to websites that have this feature installed. We will normally tell you if this feature is available on your website.

How do I switch the sidebar on and off?

By default, the sidebar displays on all pages and posts.

To switch off the sidebar:

  1. In the website editor, go to the edit screen of your Page or Post.
  2. Towards the bottom of the screen, there’s a settings box called “Sidebar“:
  3. Choose either “Display Sidebar” or “Hide Sidebar“.
  4. Save your page:


How do I edit the sidebars on my website?

  1. In the back-end menu, go to “Appearance” and into “Widgets“.
  2. You’ll then see a screen similar to this below:The exact options available here will vary according to your own website.
  3. To edit the content of your sidebar(s), use the relevant area on the right-hand side of your screen (highlighted above in blue).
  4. You can normally expand the individual “widgets” by clicking on the arrow, which allows you to edit the content:
  5. You can add new “widgets” from the left-hand side (highlighted earlier in green) by dragging them into the right-hand (blue) area. However, we advise you fully test any changes you make here.
  6. You can also delete widgets by clicking on the “Delete” link.
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