How can I quickly find the edit screen for a particular page?

Normally your pages are listed under the “Pages” menu in your website editor (or, for blogs and news articles, under the “Posts” menu).

However, if you have a more advanced website, you may have extra editing screens in the back-end, such as separate areas for event listings, team profiles, etc.

If you have lots of pages:

By default the website editor will only display 20 items per page in the “Pages” index screen.

So if you have lots of pages, you will see a pagination link (highlighted in red below):

You can display more items per page, by clicking on “Screen Options” at the top right of your screen (shown in green above).

Then choose something like 100 pages per page, and click “Apply”:

Finding the edit link on the front-end:

When you’re logged into the website, you should see a black bar at the top of your screen:

Simply click the “Edit Page” link, which will take you to the editing screen.

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