Can I login to the WordPress editor via my phone?

Yes, simply login to your website via your web browser app, following the same instructions for desktop browsers, and the WordPress editor interface will display in a mobile-friendly format.

Using the WordPress app

On request, if you’d prefer to use the WordPress app, rather than your smartphone’s web browser, we can set this up for you.

Due to the strong security measures installed on our web servers, which helps keep your website secure, the WordPress app will not work unless we manually change your website’s security settings.

Also, please note the WordPress app only offers a limited set of features, so it may not be possible for you to edit all sections of your website via this app.

To use the app:

  1. Firstly, contact us to arrange for your website’s security settings to be changed, so the app can connect to your site
  2. Install and open the WordPress app from your phone’s app store
  3. Tap “Log in”
  4. Tap “Log in to your site by entering your site address instead”
  5. Enter your website’s address and tap “Next”
  6. After a few moments, the app should prompt for a username and password, which are your normal login details (you may find it easier to copy and paste your password into the app)
  7. Your website should now be added to the app, so click “Continue”
  8. You can now use the WordPress app to edit your website

Please note, the WordPress app only offers a limited set of features, so to edit other parts of your website, you may need to use a desktop computer, or try tapping the “WP Admin” link in the app:

For most of our customers, this will prompt you to enter your first-stage login details into the popup security box (see step 2 on our guide), before loading the main login screen.


We unfortunately cannot provide any free support on using the WordPress app, so if you experience any difficulties, we recommend using a desktop computer and web browser instead.

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