How can I upload large files to my website?

You can upload files up to 8MB in size directly to your website. For customers on our Business or Enterprise plans, we may be able to offer higher limits.

Uploading to a file sharing service

For large files, greater than 8MB, we suggest using a specialist file sharing service, such as Microsoft OneDrive (1GB free storage) or Google Drive (5GB free storage). If you have a Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite subscription, you should have even more storage available.

Simple upload your file to one of these services, then follow the applicable instructions below:

Copy the URL for the file you’ve uploaded, then create a link within your website editor.

PDF files

PDF files generally have fairly small file sizes, but they may exceed 8MB if they contain lots of pictures.

If your PDF is slightly over 8MB, you may be able to reduce the file size by “compressing” the file. There are free online tools, such as PDF24 Tools and PDF2Go, amongst others, which can help reduce the file size. Once the file compressed, and if your PDF file is then below 8MB, you’ll be able to upload it to your website as normal.

Word files

If your Word file is over 8MB, and it contains some pictures, you may be able to reduce its file size. Please see Microsoft’s website for step-by-step instructions.


If you want to add a video to your website, see our separate guide on videos.

Sharing presentation slides

If you’re sharing slides (e.g. in PowerPoint or PDF format), you can use a free service called SlideShare, which is owned by LinkedIn. Slides can be embedded directly into your webpages.

Once you’ve uploaded your file to SlideShare, your slides will be published to a slide page (with its own URL).

Next, paste this SlideShare URL into your website editor. Make sure the URL is pasted into its own paragraph, with no other text around it.

Within a few seconds, your website editor will automatically convert your URL into a slide box, which displays the contents of your SlideShare file:

This means visitors can browse through your slides directly within your webpage, without having to download the original presentation file.

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