How do I moderate comments on my blog posts?

If you WordPress website has the facility for visitors to leave comments on your posts, there’s two ways we can set this up:

  • All comments go live automatically, and you can delete unsuitable/spam posts later, or…
  • All comments get held in a moderation queue, where you manually approve each individual comment

Comment spam

Website comment forms are often abused by spammers (typically automated bots scan websites, looking for comment forms), so it is very likely you’ll receive some spam messages. Our system will do some basic checks to try to stop the most obvious spam messages.

We can install more advanced spam filtering tools, including captcha checks, however please be aware that even with the best systems, spammers will still find their way around these blocks!

Moderating comments

When a comment is sent to your moderation queue, you’ll receive an email from your website saying that a comment is awaiting moderation. This email will contain a link to approve the comment.

By logging-in to your website editor and going to the “Comments” screen, you have more options. For instance, you can edit comments (e.g. remove unsuitable words or links), or bulk approve / delete comments.

How do I bulk approve / delete comments?

Go to the “Comments” screen in your website editor, then select the relevant comments.

You can select all comments on the screen by clicking the box indicated in red below.

Then use the drop-down menu shown below in green (called “Bulk Actions”) and choose “Move to Spam” or “Approve”, then click the “Apply” button.

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