How do I connect Stripe with my website?

If you sell services or products through your website, it may be possible for Primary Image to integrate the Stripe payment system.

Stripe is a great alternative to PayPal, because it has a simpler process for taking debit/credit card payments from your customers, and it generally has cheaper fees too (see Stripe’s UK transaction fees).

Please contact us to check whether we can connect Stripe into your website. We’ll be able to provide a quote for the setup work.

How do I create a Stripe account?

  1. Go to the Stripe website and register for an account (
  2. Ensure you “Activate your Stripe account” (as indicated below in red):
  3. Click “Get your test API keys“. We need both the “Publishable key” and “Secret key“.
  4. Next, click “Get your live API keys” (as indicated above in green). Again, we need both the “Publishable key” and “Secret key“.
  5. Send us your API keys, clearly labelling which are the “test” ones and which are the “live” ones. We need both the “Publishable key” and “Secret key” for each, so they’ll be four keys in total. It’s important to keep these keys safe, so we recommend using our encryption tool whenever sending us sensitive information or passwords.
  6. That’s all we need and we’ll do the rest!

Stripe offer additional measures to protect your payment account, such as two-factor authentication (i.e. sending you a text message). We suggest enabling these additional safeguards.

I already have a Stripe account. How do I send you my API keys?

  1. In your Stripe dashboard, on the left-hand menu, click “Developers“:
  2. The “View test data” toggle will normally be in the off position, as shown in the screenshot above. Click the “API keys” button, then send us a copy of your “Publishable key” and “Secret key“.
  3. Next, click the “test data” toggle, as indicated below in orange:

  4. On the “API keys” screen, a message should appear saying “Viewing test API keys“, as indicated above in yellow.
  5. Send us a copy of this “Publishable key” and “Secret key“too. So they’ll be four keys in total. It’s important to keep these keys safe, so we recommend using our encryption tool, before emailing the keys to us.
  6. Finally, click the toggle again (as indicated above in orange), so your account shows live sales data again.
  7. We’ll then handle the rest!
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