Can I add an address/postcode look-up facility on my website?

A postcode look-up facility allows visitors to enter their UK postcode, then the rest of their address can be pre-filled using data from Royal Mail.

The advantage is this helps make your enquiry or e-commerce forms quicker to fill-out and ensure they’re less prone to spelling mistakes or errors.

However, this is a commercial service (because Royal Mail sell and licence this data) so you do have to purchase a subscription to an address search provider. They maintain a live database of 29+ million addresses in the UK, which is normally updated daily.

One such service, which we have successfully integrated into several of our customers’ websites, is called CraftyClicks. Their pricing model has different levels depending on how many addresses searches are needed per month.

Other services are available too, so you may want to investigate which address look-up service is right for you.

We can then provide a quote for our work to integrate the postcode look-up facility into your website’s forms.

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