How do I access Primary Image webmail?

Who this guide applies to:

  • Users with a Primary Image mailbox

Who this guide doesn’t apply to:

  • If you only have an email forwarder (see this explanation)
  • If you use an Exchange account (we’ll tell you a different login address)
  • If you use an external mail provider, such as Gmail or Office 365 (use their login page instead!)



Enter your email address and password at

Welcome screen:

When logging-in for the first time, you will see a welcome screen.

It may highlight the drop-down menu for you, which is where you can manage your email account. If this displays, just click “Got it”.

You have a choice of webmail programs to use. We recommend using Roundcube.

You can also choose a default webmail program by clicking the “Set as Default” button, which will load your choice of webmail program automatically in future (bypassing this screen).

Further down the welcome screen, you’ll also find instructions on setting up your mail account in some common programs, as an alternative to using webmail through your browser. If you want to see some simple instructions instead, see our guide on using your email program or app.


Managing your email account:

To manage your email account, use the options under the drop-down menu on the top right of your screen:

Using this drop-down menu will allow you to:

  • Change your email account’s password
  • Swap between different webmail programs
  • Setup an autoresponder (e.g. out of office message)
  • Find instructions to setup your mail account in some common programs
  • Manage your disk space and delete old/large messages
  • and much more…

Each webmail program has its own individual settings panel too, where you can personalise the program.


What if I can’t access the webmail login page?

If you can’t access the webmail login page (e.g. you see a link that says “If you are not behind a firewall that blocks port 2096” and clicking this doesn’t work, or you get redirected to our home page), it probably means your corporate IT network is blocking access. We recommend asking your IT team to give you access to this page.

If your network continues to block webmail, you may need to use an alternative webmail provider instead, such as Mail2Web, or you could try accessing from a home computer.

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