My email account is reaching capacity. How can I delete old messages?

1) Bulk delete old emails:

We have a handy feature that allows you to delete old messages from your email account, which will free up storage space.

Firstly, login to your email account via webmail.

Once you have logged-in, go to the drop-down menu on the top-right of the screen, and click on “Manage Disk Usage“:

Next, you’ll see the disk usage of each of your folders.

Click “Manage” on your chosen folder, then you have the option to delete messages more than one year old:

By selecting “Custom query” from the drop-down menu, you can also specify your own deletion criteria, if required. For example:

  • savedbefore 26weeks = delete messages over 6 months old
  • larger 5M = delete messages over 5MB in size


2) Manually choose messages to delete:

  1. Login to your email account via webmail to use the Roundcube webmail software.
  2. Go into your “Sent” messages folder, found on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. By default, emails are sorted in date order. Click on the “Size” column, as indicated in red below, to order your emails by file size. It will normally sort emails from smallest to largest, so click on this a second time to display largest emails first:
  4. Choose which emails to delete by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard, then using your mouse to select each email message (you can select multiple messages).
  5. Click on the “Delete” icon towards the top of the screen.
  6. You may want to click on the “Date” column heading, so that your webmail screen reverts back to ordering messages by date. It will normally display oldest messages first, so click on this heading a second time to sort by newest messages first.
  7. Next, go into the “Deleted Items” folder and repeat Steps #3 to #6.
  8. If you have any other folders, such as “Spam” or “Junk” folders, you may want to check these too.


Please note:

Warning: If you choose to delete your messages, please take extreme caution, as this process is irreversible.

For good practice, we suggest you routinely archive your emails onto a computer, using your chosen mail software. Specialist email archiving programs are also available, e.g. MailStore Home. This means you’ll have your own offline backup of all your messages.

Alternatively, we can upgrade your email account’s disk storage for a small fee. However, please bear in mind that if you send and receive a lot of emails, you may want to consider using an email provider such as Office 365 instead, who offer much larger storage quotas.

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