What’s the difference between a mailbox and an email forwarder?

If you’re using the Primary Image email system, you have three choices about how an email address is setup:

  • A standalone mailbox, so incoming messages are stored in an email account. You can also send out emails via this account.
  • An email forwarder, which processes incoming email and simply redirects each message to another email address (i.e. an existing mailbox you have). It doesn’t store any email by itself. So, for example, you may have sales@example.com and invoices@example.com, which redirect messages to another mailbox, to save you checking lots of separate mailboxes.
  • Or a combination of both, so incoming emails get stored in a mailbox, plus a copy of the email will also be forwarded to another mailbox as well.

In your Primary Image control panel, you will see this:

By choosing a standalone mailbox, the email account will have its own password, which means you can access the mailbox via webmail, your computer software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook), or via a smartphone/tablet app.

You can only send emails from a standalone mailbox, not from an email forwarder.

If you’re using a third-party to manage your email, such as Gmail, you should consult their help guide instead, as they have their own admin panels. You will not be able to manage your email via Primary Image.

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