How can I prevent my pasted text appearing with strange formatting?

If you copy and paste text from another program into your website editor, the origin formatting is normally retained too.

With copying from most programs, such as Microsoft Word, this doesn’t usually cause any issues. Your hyperlinks, bold formatting, etc, are kept.

However, when copying text from some sources (e.g. Gmail), they may add lots of unnecessary hidden formatting (called HTML code) to the text stored in your clipboard. This hidden formatting can cause problems, for example text may appear a different size or colour, or paragraph breaks may display differently.

Therefore, we recommend you paste what’s called “plain text” into your website, which is text without any formatting.


Option #1 – Use the “Paste as text” button:

You may first need to open the toolbar’s second row, by clicking the “Toolbar Toggle” button:

Next, press the “Paste as text” button.  Then right-click and paste your text as normal. When you’re done, remember to switch off this button:


Option #2 – Use your web browser:

If you’re using the Chrome web browser, you can right-click and use the “Paste as plain text” option.

This is our preferred method, but only works for Chrome users! If you’re using another web browser, you will not have this option.


Option #3 – Use the “Text” tab:

Within the web editor, there’s a tab at the top of your editing screen that allows you to toggle between “Visual” mode and “Text” mode.

Simply click on the “Text” tab and paste in your text. Whilst the screen is in this mode, it does not allow any formatting to be pasted into the editor window. After you’re done, go back to the “Visual” mode.

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