How do I add job vacancies to my website?

Please note, this guide only applies to websites that have our job listings module installed.

If you’re interested in having this system installed on your website, please contact us for a quote.


  1. Login to your website.
  2. Go to the “Job Listings” in the menu:
  3. Click on “Add New“.
  4. In the top box, add the title of the job role to be advertised.
  5. In the main (large) box, add your description and any other information you want to tell people.
  6. Beneath, you’ll see some more settings. These are optional.
    The exact options displayed here will depend on the requirements you told us and how we’ve setup this module on your website. Some options may include:

    • “Application email” = This normally displays a button at the bottom of your job listing, which tells people which email address to contact.
    • “Listing expiry date” = Set a date for when this listing should automatically be hidden on your website.
    • “Job description” = We can create one or more file upload boxes if necessary, e.g. so you can upload PDF / Word files to be displayed alongside your job vacancy.
  7. Publish your job listing by clicking the button on the right-hand side:

Once published, your job listings will display on the front-end of your website:

We can tailor this system, so if you have any specific requirements on how you’d like job listings to work on your website, please contact us.

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