How do I setup email reminders using my web forms?

This guide only applies if you have email automation installed on your website’s forms.

If you’re interested in having this system installed on your website, please contact us for a quote.


Email automation can be used to trigger emails depending on the data saved within your forms.

Here’s an example:


This equipment “Calibration Log” form has a box called “Next Calibration Date”:

We want to setup an email reminder when this date is approaching.

  1. On the back-end, go into “Forms“, then click on “Settings” underneath the form you want edit:
  2. Click on “Form Actions“.
  3. Under “Add New Action“, click on the “Email Notification” icon:
  4. In the “Label” box, enter something for your own internal reference only. If you setup multiple reminders, labelling this clearly will help you identify each one easier.
  5. Next, we need to setup the recipient box. Click onto the “Message” box first. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the “Advanced” tab (shown in red below), then under the “Insert user information” section in this sidebar, click on “Email“. This will place a code into the “Message” box. Cut and paste this code into the “To” box (shown in orange below), so the generated code is moved.
  6. Put an email address into the “From” address. We may have advised you what this should be.
  7. In the email “Subject” box, enter your wording. You can add extra info here that has been used in the form, which you can pick from the sidebar. In the example below, we have added the name of the equipment (shown in green). This will be shown in the subject line in the sent email.
  8. In the “Message” box, keep “[default-message]” in place, but add any extra wording you want above or below this.
  9. Under the “Action Triggers” section (shown in blue below), click on “Setup Automation” and setup your email alerts. In the example below, we have scheduled an email to be sent out one week prior to the due date as a reminder, then every seven days afterwards, for a maximum of five times. Once the user has updated the form, these email reminders will stop.

Some email reminders may need further conditions applied. You can do this with the “Use Conditional Logic” section.

For example, in this form below, we only want the emails to be triggered if the question “Have all the actions and training items been completed?” has been selected as “No” by the user. If this is the case, the email will be sent three days prior to the “Actions to be completed” date and again every three days after, for a maximum of ten times:

If the user selects “Yes” to “Have all the actions and training items been completed?“, then this email reminder will not be sent out.

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