Can I edit tables in the website editor?

The website editor doesn’t currently support creating or editing tables.

You can, however, create your table in Microsoft Word first, then copy and paste the table into your website. For most uses, this will normally work ok.

Please bear in mind, though, that tables rarely display well on mobile phones, because of the narrow screen width. So, where possible, it’s often better to try to display your content without using a table.

If you’re having trouble displaying your table:

In Microsoft Word, we recommend getting rid of any set column widths by using the “AutoFit to Contents” option:

Then, go to “Table Properties” and make the table 100% width:

Now try copying and pasting the table back into your website. For some websites, this may improve how your table looks.

Please note that different versions of Microsoft Word may vary how you do these steps. Unfortunately, we cannot offer support on using Microsoft Word.

If you’re still having trouble, we may be able to adjust the HTML coding for your table (on a paid-for basis) – please contact us if you’d like further help.

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