Can I edit the navigation menu?

On some websites, you can edit your website’s navigation menu yourself.

If this facility is installed on your website, you will find it under the “Appearance” menu in the website editor.

Firstly, check the correct navigation menu is selected in the drop-down list (indicated in red below). Some websites have multiple navigation menus, for instance one menu used for the header, and a different menu in the footer.


Adding new links to the navigation menu:

Add your pages via the box on the left-hand side of your screen. Select the relevant pages, then click “Add to Menu”.

Your pages will be added to the bottom of the navigation menu list. You may therefore need to drag them into the right order (see below).

Ensure you click the “Save Menu” button.


Deleting links from the navigation menu:

Click the arrow on an item.

Then click the “Remove” link.


Ordering links or creating drop down navigation menus:

To rearrange the order of your navigation menu links, you can drag the items up and down.

To display your links in a drop-down menu, drag the items to the right, so they appear indented underneath a parent link.

So in this example below there’s:

  • Top level links
  • Secondary level links, which appear in a drop-down menu
  • And third level links, which appear as another sub-level

To achieve this, the secondary level links have been dragged to the right (shown in purple below), under the parent item.

And the third level links have been dragged another step to the right (shown in green below), under the “FAQs” heading.


If you add too many links to your navigation menu’s top level, or the wording is too long, your menu may not display properly (e.g. it may go off the screen, or display on two lines).

When making changes to your navigation menu, we strongly suggest you test your website, especially on smaller screen sizes. When we design websites, we carefully setup the navigation menu labels so it displays well on different screen sizes.

Also, bear in mind it’s not good practice to add more than seven top-level navigation menu links, because studies show visitors can be overwhelmed with too many options.

If you need to add lots of menu items, we suggest organising your links into drop-down menus.

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