How do I add a use columns within the WPBakery Page Builder?

Please note, this guide only applies to websites that have WPBakery Page Builder installed.

To add a column layout to your page:

  1. Firstly, ensure WPBakery Page Builder is activated on your page. If it’s not, you’ll see a button like this:

  2. Click on the + icon to add a new element:
  3. Click on “Row“.
  4. Next, choose your column layout, e.g. half and half, or two thirds and one third, etc:

  5. Add content into your column by clicking on the + icon within the column (indicated in red below):

  6. Choose your blocks, e.g. “Text Block”, “Single Image”, etc.
  7. You can also move the blocks around by dragging them into different places.
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