How do I choose my page’s address / URL?

It’s best to use short webpage addresses because:

  • It’s easier for people to share (e.g. on social media)
  • It looks better in search engine results:

To change your page address (also known as a URL), go to your page or post within the website editor. Then click the “Edit” link:

Ideally, you do this before you publish your page, so your readers will have the correct URL going forward.

For posts (news items or blogs), normally the year and month will get prefixed before your chosen address.

Moving pages underneath a parent page:

For pages, you can also choose to move a page underneath a parent page. This only works for pages (and not posts).

So, for instance in the example below, a subpage called “SEO for WordPress” has been added beneath an existing page called “WordPress Services”:

Home page (top level)  >  WordPress Services (1st level)  >  SEO for WordPress (2nd level)

This is good practice for large websites, because it helps to create a website structure that your visitors can understand.

To choose a parent page, use the drop-down menu in the “Page Attributes” box on the right-hand side of the editing screen, then click Publish:

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