How do I add or remove users?

If your website has multiple user logins, you may have access to a “Users” screen.

To add a new user:

In this “Users” area, you can create new logins to your website, for instance if you want several people to have editor access.

Under “Users”, click “Add New”, then enter a username and email address for the new account.

We also recommend clicking the “Show password” button, so you can choose a memorable password for the user. The chosen password must be at least “medium” on the password strength tool, otherwise you will not be able to proceed. (Need help on choosing a secure password? See our blog post!).

Please note, if you check the “Send User Notification” option, the user will automatically be sent a secure link allowing them to choose their own password. If you’re choosing a password for the user, you can unselect this option.

Normally the role should be set to “Editor” (using the drop-down menu), but if your website has multiple levels of access, please refer to any specific instructions we’ve sent you.

To delete a user:

Go to the “Users” screen, move your mouse across a user, then a delete link will appear.

When deleting a user, if they have previously published anything on your website, you will see two options:

  • Delete all content.
  • Attribute all content to (another user).

IMPORTANT: If you choose “Delete all content”, all pages, news posts, images and files created by that user will be deleted from your website. Therefore, we urge extreme caution with this option! Instead, you may want to re-assign the user’s content to another user, using the drop-down menu.

If you run a news/blog website, it may not be practical to attribute a user’s articles to being published under another user’s name. So instead of deleting the account, you could change the account’s email address (e.g. to and password, as well as setting the role to the lowest possible level (e.g. Subscriber), which will effectively block anyone using this login in future. The user’s articles and content will then be preserved.

Also, please note you cannot delete the account you’re currently logged-in with.

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