Why am I not receiving a weekly visitor stats email?

Assuming you’ve had confirmation that our visitor stats system is installed on your website, then you should be receiving a weekly visitor stats summary, normally every weekend. We also send you a summary email at the end of each month.

If you’re not receiving this email:

  • Have you checked your spam/junk folder? Sometimes these messages can go in there.
  • Have there been any changes in your staff recently? The email address on your stats account may be registered to an old user. If that’s the case, just contact us and we’ll update the email address on our system.

If you’re using Gmail, to stop the message going into your spam folder, go into the message, click the “More” button towards the top of the screen, “Filter messages like these”, “Create filter with this search”, then tick “Never send it to Spam”, and click on the “Create filter” button.

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