Can I track individual visitors on my website?

Yes, you can track visitor paths with our stats tool, which can help you understand what your visitors are doing and help improve your website’s navigation.

Login to your StatCounter account, then click on “Visitor Paths” on the menu. This will bring up a list of recent visitor activity.

For instance, in the screenshot below, we can see this visitor found us on Google, went to the brochure design page, then looked at our portfolio area and about page, before heading to the contact page to send us an enquiry. More details about the visitor may also be available by clicking on the magnify icon (highlighted in red).

Unless the visitor makes contact with you, the user is completely anonymous. You normally only see the visitor’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) and approximate location. Some ISPs do not report accurate geographic details, so for instance they may display “London” for all users on their network, regardless of their true location.

However, for large companies or organisations, they may use their own ISP name, so you may be able to identify the visitor’s employer:

To find out more about the data collection, please see the StatCounter privacy policy.

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