How do I setup my Primary Image mailbox in Thunderbird?

These instructions only apply to email mailboxes (not email forwarders).

Thunderbird is a free email program, which you can install on your Windows or macOS computer.

You can use Thunderbird to connect to your Primary Image mailbox, allowing you to send and receive emails.

How to setup your mail account in Thunderbird:

  1. Download Thunderbird.
  2. Run the installation file.
  3. Once installation has completed, open Thunderbird.
  4. If it asks “Would you like a new email address?” – you can skip this step, as you’ll be using your Primary Image account.
  5. Enter your name, email and password into next screen. Tick the “Remember password” option and click “Continue”.
  6. Thunderbird will attempt to connect, but as it won’t recognise custom domain names, it’ll fail this step (don’t worry!).
  7. Enter the details, as shown in the screenshot below:
    Incoming: IMAP
    Server hostname =
    Port = 993
    Authentication = Normal password
    Outgoing: SMTP
    Server hostname =
    Port = 465
    Authentication = Normal password
    Username Incoming/Outgoing = (your own email address)
  8. Now click “Re-test”.
  9. Once Thunderbird can successfully connect to your mailbox, click “Done” and you’re ready to start using your mailbox.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide general help on using the Thunderbird software, however for further assistance you may wish to search online for tutorials, or find a local computer technician.

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