How do I access my Gmail business account on my computer and devices?

Using your computer:

You have two options to access your Gmail account:

  1. Visit Gmail in your web browser (make sure you are signed-out of any existing Google accounts)
  2. Setup Gmail in your desktop mail program

If you want to use your computer’s mail software to access your Gmail account, firstly check that IMAP is enabled in your Gmail settings (see Step 1 in Gmail’s help guide).

Then, here’s some useful guides for common desktop programs, published by tech support websites GroovyPost and Lifewire:



Using your iPhone or iPad:

You have two choices:

  1. Go into your Settings screen, open the “Mail” tab, select “Accounts”, and tap “Add Account”. Choose “Google”.
  2. Or download the Gmail app and use this.

Using an Android device:

You have two choices:

  1. Go into your Settings screen, go to “Accounts” and add your Gmail account.
  2. Or download the Gmail app and use this.

Generic instructions:

Alternatively, if you’re using another program or device, Google offer some generic instructions that’ll work on all types of mail software.

Google Suite Admin Console:

For administrator access to your account, you’ll need to go to to access your dashboard.

Adding more email accounts: Go to the “Users” menu, then click the “Add User” button at the bottom of the screen. Google will charge you for each additional account.

Adding more email aliases: Use this if you want to create additional email addresses, which simply redirect to an existing Google mailbox. This does not cost anything extra. Go to the “Users” menu, choose your existing account in the list, then click on “Account”. Under “Aliases”, click on “Add an alias”. This will allow you to add more addresses to your domain name (anything before the @ symbol).

Further help:

Please note, because Gmail accounts are not managed by Primary Image, we do not provide any ongoing support for Gmail.

If you require further help, we advise you seek support from Gmail’s help centre.

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