What are my options for managing my email accounts?

If you want to send / receive email via your own domain name, it needs to be linked to an email management service.

For businesses or organisations, this looks more professional than using, for example, an @gmail.com or @outlook.com address.

What email management service should I pick?

We recommend two options for managing your email addresses:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online / Office 365
  • Google G Suite / Gmail for Business

We also have our own Primary Image email management system, for simple and personal needs, which some of our customers have used in the past.

However, for businesses or organisations, we suggest considering Microsoft or Google’s services for your email management service, so you can create and manage your mailboxes directly on their systems.

Microsoft and Google have very sophisticated email systems.  Plus end-users tend to find adding email accounts to their computers/devices much easier and quicker, because most software/apps will automatically recognise these types of account.

How much does it cost per mailbox?

  • Primary Image email
  • £250per month
  • IMAP-based account
  • 1GB of mailbox storage
  • Contact
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • £3per month
  • Exchange-based account
  • 50GB of mailbox storage
  • Sign-up
  • Gmail for Business
  • £460per month
  • Gmail-based setup
  • 30GB of mailbox storage
  • Sign-up

* The table above was last updated in January 2022. We advise you check the Microsoft and Google websites in case of any recent changes to their products or prices. Please note that Microsoft and Google add VAT.

* For Primary Image mailboxes, these are paid on an annual basis. We can also provide additional storage space if required.

How do I setup my email on Microsoft or Gmail?

Firstly, create an account with Microsoft or Gmail via one of the links above.

Next, the process involves changing the configuration of your domain name to:

  1. Verify to Microsoft / Google that you own the domain name.
  2. Point the email management to either Microsoft or Gmail, so all incoming and outgoing email messages go via their mail servers.

Microsoft or Google will provide you with some technical details for your domain name configuration. As long as your domain name is managed through Primary Image, just forward these technical details over to us and we can update your domain name’s settings.  Any work on this is priced on our normal rates and would be a one-off task.

It may take a few hours for Microsoft or Google to take over control of your email accounts, so sometimes it’s best to do this outside of normal business hours.

Once your email management has transferred to Microsoft or Google, you are then free to manage your email accounts via your Microsoft or Google login. Primary Image will no longer have any control over your email addresses or email accounts.

My organisation already has an email provider. Can I continue to use them?

Yes, of course, just let us know! When we’re building or transferring your website to our web servers, we’ll ensure your current email settings are not touched and you can continue to use your existing email provider.

What happens if I need support?

If you have a Primary Image mailbox, we’ll provide free technical support to one named contact in your organisation.  Unfortunately, if you have multiple users accessing mailboxes, we cannot provide support to all end-users.

If you use an external email provider to manage your email accounts, such as Microsoft or Google, and need any assistance, you should seek help via their own support channels. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any support for external email services, because we don’t have any control over your accounts.

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