What’s your support policy for WordPress plugins?

We provide free support for any WordPress plugins installed on your website, so long as:

  • Primary Image built your website, and
  • We chose and installed the plugins in use, and
  • You’re on a managed hosting plan with us

In those cases above, we will take care of your website and all the plugins installed.

If you transfer your website to us (with existing plugins in use), or you want to install new plugins:

  • We will still try to help out with any plugin questions or issues you have.
  • However, please be aware that because we may not be familiar with your particular plugin (and there are over 50,000 plugins available!), this may limit how much we can assist you.
  • If you require modifications or fixes to your plugin, we can do this on a paid basis.
  • In some cases, we may recommend you seek support from the creator of the plugin (for instance they may have a support forum).
  • Be aware that with some premium (paid for) plugins, the creator may charge you an annual fee to receive their software updates.

For all cases, if we think a plugin is causing issues with your website, we may suggest it’s removed. For instance, a plugin may no longer be maintained and be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Where possible, we will try to suggest a replacement.

If you’re on an unmanaged hosting plan, we do not include any free support for plugins.

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