I want to move my website to Primary Image. What details do you need?

We’re delighted you want to move your website to Primary Image!

Here’s the details we need:

  1. WordPress admin login
  2. Login to your web hosting control panel
  3. Login to your domain name control panel (this may be the same as #2)

On your hosting control panel, we should find:

  • FTP details (for downloading your website’s files)
  • and MySQL database details (for downloading your website’s content)

If your existing provider will not give you a login to your web hosting control panel, we will instead need either:

  • Your FTP server name, FTP username and FTP password
  • Or, a complete copy of your website, provided as a zip file

Domain names

We will transfer your domain name(s) onto our systems. Just tell us if you’d rather keep your domain name(s) with your existing provider, in which case you’ll be responsible for the management of your domain names yourself.

If we have a login to your domain name control panel, we’ll do all the technical steps for you. Alternatively, if you would prefer to do the technical changes yourself, we’ll send you details of the settings needed.

Please note that changes to your domain name can take several hours (or even several days) to take effect. Therefore, this should be factored into your timings. You can read more about domain name propagation.

Email accounts

If you would like us to take over the management of your email accounts, please send us a list of all mailboxes and email addresses you currently have in use. Please note that any messages currently stored in your email accounts (with your old host) will need to be downloaded onto your computer, as these old accounts will be closed.

If you want to keep using your existing email provider, that’s of course fine too. We can update your domain name settings accordingly, so your email settings are unaffected.

Scheduling the website transfer

We normally suggest doing the migration work out of normal hours to minimise any disruption.

Normally we can transfer websites and domain names seamlessly without any downtime at all, but that all depends on how easy your current web host makes the process!

Once we have all your current login details and given everything a quick check, we’ll schedule a suitable time/date with you for the website transfer.

After the transfer is complete, we recommend checking with your previous hosting company to ensure your billing is cancelled with them, otherwise they may continue to charge you for their services!

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