Where’s a good place to find professional stock pictures?


A great source of free stock images is Unsplash, which have over 500,000 professional files. Their licence says you can use images for commercial purposes and without crediting.

If you want to use Unsplash images in your project with Primary Image, please:

  1. Send us the URLs to each image on Unsplash
  2. And tell us precisely where you want each image to appear (e.g. “I want this image at the top of my website’s home page”)


A lot of businesses use Shutterstock, which have a huge selection of paid images.

If you would like to use any Shutterstock images in your projects, please purchase your images via Shutterstock first and send us the file(s). If necessary, we can advise you on the most suitable image sizes to pick.

Photo editing

Sometimes you may need your stock images edited, e.g. to add a shaded colour on top of a photograph.

Unless it’s included in your project spec, we generally don’t include image editing for free. However, you can either send us your edited images yourself, or we’re happy to carry out photo editing on our standard rates.

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