What is your “rush” rate?

If you’re on our lower-cost “Personal” website plan, please be aware that there may be a delay before we can respond to support queries and requests for website changes.

This is because we handle requests in a support queue, with priority given to customers on our “Business” and “Enterprise” website plans, where we guarantee website edits will be actioned quicker.

However, if you have an urgent need, we can sometimes do work on a “rush” rate, which may mean we need to extend our working hours, or reschedule other customers’ work.

If you ask us to do any “rush rate” work, we charge double time.

Alternatively, you can upgrade from our “Personal” plan to our “Business” plan, which is more suitable for business needs and you will have guaranteed higher priority in our support queue. More details are at www.primaryimage.uk/wordpress-web-hosting.

Our hourly rates are published on our Pricing page.

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