How do I install a new font on my computer?

If you’re editing artwork on your own computer, you may need to install a custom font file, as computers typically only come with a limited selection of font types by default.

How to download fonts from Google Fonts:

  1. Find your font on Google Fonts.
  2. Click “Select This Font” in the top right of the screen.
  3. Click the dark bar that appears at the bottom of the screen (it’ll say something like “1 Family Selected“).
  4. Click on the “download” icon:
  5. A zip file will be downloaded to your computer.
  6. Importantly, you need to open the zip file and extract the contained file(s).

How to install a new font on Windows computers:

Right-click on the font file and click “Install”.

How to install a new font on Mac computers:

Double-click on your font file and “Font Book” will open a preview of the font.

Click “Install Font” at the bottom of the preview.

Alternative method:

You can also use SkyFonts to install Google Fonts on your computer.

During the installation process, look for the option to only use Google Fonts (so you don’t need to register for an account).

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